Friday, November 6, 2009

Blogs are hard.

Consistently updating a blog is surprisingly difficult. I know tons of people who have started a blog at one time or another, and only about 2 that consistently update every day. I obviously fall into that first category, but now that the time has changed and it gets dark at 4:00pm in Birmingham, I'm considering a comeback. The bad news is that our lives are far too tame to be interesting right now but perhaps this will serve as a means of inspiring myself.

I do read a lot of books so maybe I will just talk about those.

- Jeremiah

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I don't actually like halloween at all, but last year Robby and I carved the best pumpkin ever.

It's the second coming of Christ. Josh Hausen just sent me the picture and I thought it needed to be shared.

- Jeremiah

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Costa Rica Wedding (Surfing)

The A Bryan Photo guys just started posting some shots from the wedding in Costa Rica last month. There are some really great shots and you can look at them all on their blog.

Here are a few of the good ones so far. And yes, at first glance they have nothing to do with a wedding.

The whole crowd out surfing -

Here's Drew, the groom the day before the big wedding -

Look at me protecting my skin from the danger of UV rays -

We're excited to see the actual wedding part soon...but for now this will have to do.

- Jeremiah

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'I'm On a Tree' and Mean Dog

Anytime you get your own blog post at A Bryan Photo, it's a pretty big deal. So I'm awfully proud of the latest...brilliantly entitled 'Jeremiah On a Tree'. It consists of this one picture -

Even better, here's a great video from our trip to Costa Rica and a really mean dog that terrorized the guests up and down the entire beach. (In a possibly related story, last time I was in Costa Rica I went to Manuel Antonio after our car wreck and the first time I tried to run - after barely moving for weeks - I got attacked and bit by a random dog. I'm not sure if this was the same dog, but I didn't take any chances. Except for this one.)

Man vs Wild: Costa Rica Edition from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

I know of at least four people that were bit by this dog while we were there. Oh well.

Surfing pictures to come tomorrow...

- Jeremiah

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Balloon Thief

I spent about four days in Pamplona during the summer I was in Europe. I traveled with Dwight (one of my best friends) and we arrived at the start of the Festival of San Fermin. Within about 3 minutes of being in Pamplona we had already given in and purchased the standard attire (which we wore for the rest of the week).

Here's Dwight

And me...

Our time there was part fascinating and part miserable since we had nowhere to sleep (for some reason we ended up sleeping on the ground near a river...and also northern Spain is the windiest place I have ever been) and nothing to do from 8:30 in the morning until 8:00 the next morning. So we did what we could to pass the time. This included wandering around town, looking for cheap food, and arguing with the police who had detained me and taken my camera the first day. However, our nights were filled with two joyous events.

The two things we did in the evenings were attend the nightly fireworks jubilee with throngs of white and red clad Spaniards -

and spend hours at the local fair.

One evening while we were at the fair, someone robbed the balloon vendor. Lucky for us, he didn't steal the vendors money, but his balloons. Few things are funnier than a huge crowd of people chasing some crazy bandit through a fair while the bandit has about 80 large balloons in his hands. We just stood about 50 yards away and watched the clouds of balloons race through the paths of the fair while people screamed and tried to run after him. I can't think of a more obvious thing to steal than helium balloons but the fearless attitude seemed to fit the zeitgeist (I learned that word in high school) of the whole place. In the end, he eventually ran out of sight and I'm not sure if he was ever captured, but I remember me and Dwight just looking at each other as if to make sure we had just seen the same thing. Only in Pamplona...

- Jeremiah

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Year with David Brooks

Some of you know David Brooks and for those of you that don't, let me just tell you that he is very unique. He has lived a life that really does span the globe (except for Central/South America and most of Africa...he has decided he probably wouldn't like those places as much) and in 2006, I spent 10 or 11 months working with him in Europe. He called me out of the blue this morning so I thought I would write in his honor (he's not dead or just got me thinking about that strange year).

David loves good stories...especially those that are slightly unbelievable or impressive. Thankfully, the 10 Commandments don't say 'Thou Shalt Not Try to Make Others Envious' or David and those that spend time with him could be accused of violating that one. For instance, here's a quick list of the things we did during that year -

- Went to the Olympics in Torino, Italy
- Went skiing in the Alps
- Stayed in the Monastery of St. Bernard in Switzerland
- Went to Cannes, France for the Cannes Film Festival
- Went to the Monaco Grand Prix and drove part of the track at night between races
- Went to Germany for the World Cup
- Ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
- Spent countless evenings biking along rivers in Tuscany
- blah blah blah

Part 2 -

The above list is the one I would pull out if I was trying to impress people with some of the 'things' I have gotten to do in the last few years and the thing I have realized more and more is that they just wouldn't care. There probably isn't a person alive that knows we did all those things (at least until I press 'Publish Post') and for me that is the funny thing about so many life experiences. For the people that are with you when things happen, the memories are great but pretending like others are going to care is a huge mistake. Everyone out there has remarkable experiences and somehow that makes everything look alike.

So basically I have already gotten tired of the whole 'telling stories' thing because I still don't think they are all that interesting. I may try to post some random pictures with some short anecdotes but the whole thing just feels way too selfish. Thankfully there aren't as many people checking the blog since our trip has ended...if you are still checking, thanks. Since the story thing isn't too exciting, I may just start writing about the economy.

- Jeremiah

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm not going to post much over the weekend even when I'm trying to stick to a plan...

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Walk to Beautiful

Two nights ago Sarah and I watched a movie called 'A Walk to Beautiful'. It was about Ethiopia and it was an amazing story of the Fistula Hospital in Addis Ababa and the young women who travel from around the country to be treated there. It was a heartbreaking movie (in a good way) it reminded me of the last time I was in Ethiopia.

Last January I traveled with Sarah to Ethiopia as she began her time there. Since I wasn't really supposed to accompany her on this trip, I immediately tried to find a way to get out of town and leave her to get settled. My plan was to travel south through Kenya and spend some time in Tanzania before returning two weeks later for my return flight. Unfortunately, the week before I arrived in Ethiopia, Kenya broke out into riots and 'civil unrest' over an election or something (I don't even remember) so that ruled out travel through Kenya by bus. This left me with no plans at all and I ended up traveling to the northern part of Ethiopia with a guy I met through Sarah's group.

(This is a shot looking over the Rift Valley and the Blue Nile on my way to Bahir's hazy)

It took about 12 hours of driving to get to Bahir Dar on Lake Tana - the source of the Blue Nile -
where he and his wife had lived for a few years. I was there for nearly a week but there were two specific events that stood was the day we spent with a local family 'celebrating' one of their holidays. In this case, a celebration really just meant that they ate slightly more food than usual and lucky for me, I got to share in that meal (I say that sarcastically because Ethiopian food actually makes me cringe...I'm not exaggerating when I say that the meat was so tough I would occasionally have to chew for more than 10 minutes before swallowing).

The most fascinating part of the day was sitting in a thatch hut for hours and hours. The interesting thing about spending your day in a little hut with people who think you're an alien is that it forces you to come to grips with the vast differences in our lives. They all lived in one-room mud huts with dirt floors. They wore the same clothes every single day. They ate the same food every single day. Their daily routine was the same every single day. And yet here I was showing up in their hut because I had just flown from America to Ethiopia just to try and impress a girl. It really was a powerful reminder of how big our world is and how blessed I have been with so many opportunities and physical blessings I always seem to forget about. That was a very grounding day for me.

(These next three are pictures of the kids that hung out with me in the hut all day)

The next day I accompanied the couple I was staying with to a woman's hospital in Bahir Dar. I have an aversion to all things medical (unlike the rest of my family) so when I didn't understand what was going on at this hospital initially, I pretended to know for fear that someone might actually try to explain it to me. It turns out that hospital where I spent the afternoon was an extension of the Fistula Hospital in Addis that Sarah and I watched the movie about this week. It was amazing how a few hours I spent over a year ago suddenly had far more meaning.

I guess the point of this story (without going on forever) is mainly that you should watch the movie 'A Walk to Beautiful' and be reminded about how easy our lives are, and also, that life is so crazy in the way random experiences often come full circle long after you have started to forget them. It really gives me hope that the Lord does have a purpose for all the odds and ends we experience.

P.S. The next day I saw some hippos.

- Jeremiah

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Telling Stories

One thing I have realized recently is that I do a very poor job of telling stories. I was reminded of this over the past week while in Costa Rica. Between time spent catching up with friends and Rehearsal Dinner stories, I thought more and more about this fact. I feel like I have gotten to be a part of some really incredible experiences in my life and I have decided to try and get better at story-telling.

So, for the next week I am going to try and write one story from my life each day. I'm not sure what the stories will be about, but they will probably be very self-centered and self-indulgent so please feel free to ignore them. I just don't do a good job sharing stories and experiences with others and this is my own way of trying to work on it. So we'll see how it goes...

- Jeremiah

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back in Birmingham...

We'll write more soon, but I just wanted to point out that we added our Twitter feed over on the right side of this blog. For those of you on Twitter, you can 'Follow' me if you name is 'miahmiah'. It is basically a 'micro-blogging' platform that keeps up with what we are doing in 160 characters or less. Short and simple.

Oh yeah, and here is a picture from the wedding this weekend -

- Jeremiah

Monday, March 23, 2009


Sarah and I are in Alajuela (just outside of San Jose, the capital) for our last night in Costa Rica. We happen to be staying at a little bed and breakfast just a block away from the place Drew and I rented after the infamous wreck last time I was in Costa Rica (as I was typing that last sentence I looked down and noticed the rib that is still popped out of socket from the impact...guess I will have that as a reminder until I get fat enough for it to go away).

The trip has been great and it was such a blessing to be a part of the wedding and get to spend time with so many good people. The guys at A Bryan Photo shot the wedding so the pictures will certainly be amazing. Once I get better internet I will post some pictures and videos from the past week.

Also, I have decided to really commit to keeping up this blog despite the end of our travels coming in less than 24 hours (sad). While the subject matter may change a decent amount, there will still be something here to read so keep checking back if you like.

- Jeremiah (and Sarah...except that she just fell asleep reading a book and is taking no part in the writing of this blog entry)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Costa Rica...

We are headed to Central America in the morning and can't wait to spend a few days with good friends at the beach. We'll be back on Tuesday and plan to spend some time at Ikea (in Atlanta) before heading back to Birmingham.

Also, it looks like we may have the first RV rental scheduled and we are really excited about another couple getting to travel in the Mav for awhile. If you are interested in taking a road trip sometime this Spring or Summer, we'd still love to hear from you (

That's all for now...

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Manuel Antonio

As I mentioned earlier, Sarah and I are headed to Costa Rica on Wednesday for the wedding of my college roommate. One interesting thing about the wedding is that he chose to have it on the beach in Manuel Antonio...the same beach we decided to drive to after college. It took us about 10 weeks and 7,000 miles of driving and ended in a way we were hoping to avoid, but it was quite a trip nonetheless.

So, in honor of that journey, I decided to post some old pictures from that road trip (now almost four years ago) since I will be headed to that same spot in a couple days.

Along the road...this was a common sight.

Another shot on the road.

One of the huts we stayed at along the way...this one even had a garage.

Chichen Itza

Somewhere in Chiapas

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala

Drew with Alejandro, a hitchhiker we picked up. Twice (one week and about 1,000 miles after picking him up the first time).

Tikal in Guatemala.

Tulum, near Cancun, about three hours before a hurricane hit the Yucatan.

A hut we lived in for about a week somewhere in Mexico (these are not in order at all).

The view from the top of a volcano in Guatemala looking over Lake Atitlan.

The sunset in Barra de Navidad. I've seen a lot of sunsets, but this place is the best.

And the unofficial end to our trip. We will be driving this same road on Wednesday, hopefully with more success.

Thanks for humoring me...I hadn't looked through those pictures in years.

- Jeremiah

Friday, March 13, 2009


We are back in Birmingham and trying to get settled in our little apartment. It is strange being off the road but also nice to have a bit more stability. For the first week in Birmingham we had to drive the Maverick around town since we didn't have a car yet. We finally got one on Monday and now have a little Prius to go with our motorhome. It's a great combination for people in their mid-20's...but we love them both.

It looks like we will be keeping the RV for at least this year so it is definitely up for rent if anyone is interested in taking a road trip in the near future. It looks like we will probably charge around $300/weekend and $500/week plus mileage and insurance. That should work out to about half of what any other rental companies charge and I think the Maverick is a lot nicer as well. And at least 25% of the cost will go to charity (we haven't figured out those specifics just yet) so that is another bonus over other rental places.

Anyways, life is good and we are headed to Costa Rica next week for the wedding of my good friend and ex-roommate, Drew Roberts. We will have more updates then...

Thanks for sticking around,
Jeremiah and Sarah

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

8,531 Miles Later...

Well, we made it back to Birmingham after 10 weeks on the road. Our time in Kentucky was wonderful and we headed South just as the snow was melting. The first few days have been spent unpacking the RV and working on our 'new' apartment. It feels good to be back, but it is very strange as well.

We have more film and videos that are on their way and we will still post those as soon as possible. I'm not sure if many (any) people are still checking this blog since we have kind of disappeared for the past couple weeks, but we haven't completed it just yet. Plus, we still have our trip to Costa Rica in two weeks and will have more from that adventure as well.

Also, I plan to post a bit about our current/future plans now that our travels have slowed down.

Thanks again for keeping up along the way (we actually had over 20,000 visits to the blog and website since the wedding...although it sounds like half of those were from my mom). It means a lot that many people cared what we were up to.

More soon...

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i love graeter's

Just wanted to let y'all know we survived the trek through the midwest and we're staying in Lexington with the Sizemores to give the Mav a bit of a break. A cold front followed us into town and left a nice blanket of snow that we 've enjoyed the past few days and we've also had a great time catching up with friends and family in the area. Sister Sarah and Roommate Sarah even made it up for a quick visit so it's been really nice to be close to familiar faces and places again. We plan to hang around til the end of the week and then hit the road to finish up the last leg of our trip. I suppose that's all for now and thanks again for keeping up with our travels!

- Sarah and Jer

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Driving through Kansas

(This post is now a day and a half late...sorry)

Besides our stop in Colorado to hang out with some family, the last week has consisted mostly of driving. Lots and lots of driving. We are currently in Russell, Kansas and hoping to make it to the St Louis area tonight before being back in Lexington on Friday. We have some more film we are waiting to get developed and since nothing very interesting happens while you are driving through Kansas (although we did get pulled over for the first time yesterday...always adds some excitement) here is a video from last week on the Northern California Coast.

You may want to make sure your volume is turned down because the video consists primarily of really loud wind.

More soon...

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We ended up calling my Aunt/Uncle/Cousins yesterday on our way through Colorado and, despite the two hours notice, they invited us to come stay with them for a night or two. If you know Greg, Tammy, Lydia, and Caleb, it will come as no surprise that they had just finished a day of snowboarding and wasted no time convincing us that we needed to give it a shot. So this morning Sarah and I joined Tammy and Lydia at Arapaho Basin for our first attempt at snowboarding.

We even have pictures to prove it -

(Thanks for the pictures Lydia!)

Right now we are all sitting around the fire eating Creme Brulee. The plan is to get back on the road tomorrow and be in Lexington this weekend.

Hope all is well.

- Jeremiah

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Maverick Onward

Well faithful readers, our western wanderings have come to an end and we are officially headed East now. I know you're all probably wondering about the half-dozen locations on our map we've left unvisited but basically the deal is it's winter and the farther north we went the more miserable the weather got... unbelievable, right? So after a couple disappointments involving various remote national parks, unexpected road closures, and a lack of tire chains, we realized the time had come to maneuver the Mav from the beautiful west and begin our return trip home. Tonight we are outside of Arches National Park in Utah and over the next several days we plan to make the journey over to Lexington, KY to spend some quality time with the Sizemore parents.

So there's the update and hope you all had a pleasant Valentine's weekend! Oh and a big "well done" to all of our loved ones that participated in step sing... we hated missing out this year but we're so proud of all of you :)

Eastward bound - Sarah and Jeremiah

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sunset in Big Sur

Here is one last video from our drive last weekend up the coast. It was a pretty great sunset.

We are leaving Napa Valley today and headed for Yosemite this evening. Also, we sent away more film last week so look for that soon.

Hope all is well.

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Waves and Rocks

During the same drive through Big Sur, we walked out to a point near a lighthouse where there were some huge waves breaking on rocks out in the ocean. Below is a quick video. I was pretty obsessed with watching the waves crash over and over.

Tonight we are just north of San Francisco at a campground near Point Reyes. It's raining and we are both just reading/researching in the comfort of the Maverick. The trip is still great although I would not recommend driving Highway 1 over Mt. Tamalpais (at least not in an rv)...that was pretty rough.

Also, I think we decided on some of the details if anybody out there wants to use the Maverick sometime later this year. I will post those, along with a calendar, later this week if we have internet.

Love to all...

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Elephant Seals

Ok, here is our video from our first stop on the drive from Malibu when we ran into some Elephant Seals. I don't think I can explain how much Sarah hated these things...I really thought she might throw up just by looking at one. It was a bit drastic.

The first video is from when we arrived.

This one is just a few seconds long but gives you a better idea of how much Sarah enjoyed this encounter.

That's it for now...

- Jeremiah and Sarah the Elephant Seal Lover

Monday, February 9, 2009

Seal Cove Inn

I promised a video of some elephant seals, but since I don't have internet here and can't upload videos with my wireless 'connect card' I will have to save that for tonight or tomorrow.

We are in Half Moon Bay this morning just a bit south of San Francisco. We were talking about how we had originally planned to stay in hotels occasionally just to change things up and how we hadn't actually done that a single time in the first 7 weeks. So last night I started looking for nearby Bed and Breakfasts and found the Seal Cove Inn.

They have a special where the rooms are half price(ish) if you call the day of and make a reservation so we are headed there in a couple hours. It should be pretty awesome.

Also, we were headed to Yosemite yesterday when we suddenly started feeling weird about it and changed our minds. I don't think we were ready to drive East yet. 'Don't drive East' has pretty much been the only rule of this trip so far and we weren't quite ready to violate it. So I think we are headed towards Oregon now.

I've thought a lot lately about how blessed I am to be living the 'life I always dreamed of' at 26. It seems so unfair yet it's just so much fun. Oh well...

Thanks for keeping up...

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Big Sur

We spent the day (now yesterday thanks to no internet...) driving through the Big Sur area of the Central Coast and it was incredible. The weather started out a bit overcast, but by sunset near Monterrey it was gorgeous. We took a few videos along the way and here is one from about mid-way through the drive.

Tomorrow we have some great videos of elephant look forward to that.

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quote of the Day

Continuing the theme that Malibu is just a weird place to be...Sarah and I were getting yogurt today and we were sitting outside on the steps eating it when two guys stopped behind us. They had just met each other and were exchanging business cards. The biker-looking guy handed the other guy his business card and said -

"Remember, I'm the one that got bit in the a%$ up at Hugh Hefner's place. That d*$% llama got my entire right cheek!"

After overhearing that conversation, I came to the realization that Malibu may not be the place for me to settle down. Also the fact that I was getting groceries yesterday and was waiting for the guy in front of me to finish paying when I realized he had a really familiar voice and looked up to see Tony Danza just chattin away with the checkout clerk.

Oh's still gorgeous here at the RV park.

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Medium Format

Here are a few more pictures we haven't posted yet. These are all from the Grand Canyon...

(This last roll I loaded really tight so every shot had vertical lines on it...)

That's it for now...

- Jeremiah

Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh Famous People...

One thing about being in Malibu, is that you are always around famous just depends how hard you want to look at everyone to see if they are 'famous'. Well, here are our two celebrity stories from the last couple days.

First of all, shortly after arriving at this RV park, we took a walk around and realized that the Airstream parked down the lot from us actually is Matthew McConaughey' that was kind of funny. It was featured in Architectural Digest recently and it definitely is the same one. So we now take a look everyday just in case he has showed up to hang out for a bit.

The other 'run in' we had was this Saturday when Sarah, Jas, James and I were walking down the beach in front of all the celeb houses. We were headed back towards the car when a girl in a bikini ran down the stairs from her house with a guitar and just stood in the ocean with the guitar over her head and then started playing it. She then sat down on a rock and started singing some was Pink (this girl).

If you don't know who that is, don't worry, it's really not that exciting. But it fit with the theme. Famous people.

Anyways, we're still here. Life is good.

- Jeremiah

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Almost A Year Ago

About 10 months ago, I was in LA visiting my sister Susannah and I drove up to Malibu to spend the weekend with Jas, Katherine, and James. That Saturday night, we went to a restaurant across from the beach called Malibu Seafood and met Katherine's sister Amy and her friend John David. It was a great little restaurant with an amazing view and we had a lot of fun talking and laughing and getting to know each other.

Yesterday I found myself back at Malibu Seafood. About 300 days had passed but I was once again there with Jas, Katherine, James, Amy and John David. The strange thing is that I also had my wife, Sarah, with me this time and due to the crazy and unexpected events in Jas and Katty's lives over the past year, the rest of the Arnold family was with us as well (Brooks, Kim and Grace) along with Sarah's cousin Johnny.

It was such a weird feeling to see how drastically life can change in such a relatively short time and it really made us both stop and think. The Lord has been so good, but these last 10 months have rarely been easy for most of that group. Here's a quick video of us there.

Thanks again for keeping up. We are certainly treasuring this time and it has definitely made us even more thankful for those back 'home' (wherever that is).

Love you all...

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Friday, January 30, 2009

Where we are staying...

Here's a quick video of where we are staying in Malibu. We are on the side of a hill a couple hundred feet above the ocean. The view from our 'kitchen' window looks south to the smog filled city across the water and out front is open ocean. It's pretty ridiculous.

Malibu Beach RV Park from Jeremiah Sizemore on Vimeo.

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, we made it to Malibu just in time for the sunset. The view from this place is just amazing. We'll post a video tomorrow. We plan to be here for a week before heading on up the coast.

Also, Sarah is pretty sure that Matthew McConaughey's Airstream is parked across from us. So that's cool. Even though it is not true. It's still really cool as an idea.

Love to all...

- Jeremiah

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still in Pomona

We're still hanging out here with Jas and Katty and James in Pomona. It's been a lot of fun and a great time to catch up and get to be a part of their busy lives for a bit. I don't have any pictures of James yet (but I promise I've taken some) so here are a few from Arizona and New Mexico.

I have posted a similar shot before, but Deet said she likes pictures of Sarah cooking so here it is

Sarah in the Petroglyph State Park (still not loading the camera right at this point)

Our one picture of petrified wood

The train on our way to the Grand Canyon

Sarah in the Painted Desert

And another one of her at Petroglyph...

We're headed to Malibu tomorrow. Hope all is well.

- Jeremiah and Sarah

Monday, January 26, 2009


I had been waiting to get some film developed before I posted in-depth about our time in Georgetown (now over three weeks ago).

We ended up pulling into town on New Year's Eve and spent the night with Sarah's family. We didn't plan to stay long at first, but it was so relaxing and enjoyable that we just kept hanging around. We ate home-cooked meals, walked around the ranch, played a lot of WiiFit, toured Austin and enjoyed living in a stationary house for a few days. Our hosts (the McLachlan's) were so kind and we had so much fun catching up/getting to know them. Sarah's uncle had Tivoed all my favorite CNBC market-commentary shows so I got o catch up on those (much to Sarah's dismay) and we even got to watch Kentucky win their 3rd-straight bowl game (it may not sound like a big deal, but it was).

Here are some pictures.

This is Sarah down by the river on the Ranch.

Sarah and Amanda, her cousin.

Sarah's cousins on the trampoline.

The McLachlan's...our wonderful hosts.

The list of people to thank is a long one, but we loved hanging out in Georgetown and Austin with you all. Thanks for having us...

- Sarah and Jeremiah