Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'I'm On a Tree' and Mean Dog

Anytime you get your own blog post at A Bryan Photo, it's a pretty big deal. So I'm awfully proud of the latest...brilliantly entitled 'Jeremiah On a Tree'. It consists of this one picture -

Even better, here's a great video from our trip to Costa Rica and a really mean dog that terrorized the guests up and down the entire beach. (In a possibly related story, last time I was in Costa Rica I went to Manuel Antonio after our car wreck and the first time I tried to run - after barely moving for weeks - I got attacked and bit by a random dog. I'm not sure if this was the same dog, but I didn't take any chances. Except for this one.)

Man vs Wild: Costa Rica Edition from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

I know of at least four people that were bit by this dog while we were there. Oh well.

Surfing pictures to come tomorrow...

- Jeremiah


tammy said...

Even being the great dog lover that I am... I'm voting BAD idea on that one. Yiks. ...beautiful beach tho.

Cecile said...

I laughed and laughed! Don't know which to feel sorry for....poor dog or poor peeps!? Jer/Sar, hope to see you this weekend. Happy Easter!