Friday, February 26, 2010


My little sister (in-law) got me a book of lists for Christmas and it's pretty awesome. It made me appreciate the idea of lists and trying to pick your 'favorites' in a world where the amount of attention-getters is just overwhelming. So...I decided to make a couple lists of favorites. I wanted to a do a recent book lists, and I still will (probably), but I decided a good start would be a list of my favorite youtube videos. So here are a few of the must-sees.

(When I started putting the list together I realized that things like this really fall prey to the idea that C.S. Lewis talked about a lot where you tend to remember whatever is most recent. I know there have to be some older classic videos that I love, but it's so much easier to think about things that are more recent.)

In no particular order -

Latarrian. I heard he filmed a show recently, can't wait to see it...

The 'Hastily Made Tourism Video' is brilliant. There is a bad word though so consider yourself warned.

(Here's the 2nd Cleveland video if that wasn't enough)

Great video that people like to use as an example of leadership. I think the example works, and it's fun to watch.

I had to put a Flight of the Conchords video on the list. There was a time when me and my little brother would sing this to each other every night before bed.

If you like Lost, this is cool.

A honor of Alabama.

Whew, almost forgot this one. Reminds me of life in the Shire.

Okay, this little girl is unbelievable. I don't exaggerate when I say I have probably watched this 25 times.

Thought I'd end with something inspirational. There are some shorter versions if you'd rather. I just watched it twice and almost cried both times.

That's all I've got.